Personal Care with Purpose

Not your average hygiene routine. Skincare and beauty has taken a major ‘natural shift’ over the last decade where consumers expect brands to offer more natural and chemical-free products. The ‘intimate care’ or ‘personal beauty’ industry has gained a dramatic amount of momentum over the last few years. Self-care, personal-care, and personal-grooming has become a […]

VAGINA vs. VULVA: The Common Misconception, and What You Should Know

First things first. Vagina and Vulva are two different body parts! Yes, you heard that correctly. We are breaking this down into the simplest of terms. While we know how much you’d love to know about each and every little particle of your vagina and vulva, we’re going to explain this simple and easy. No scientific terminology […]

Key Ingredients for A Healthier V

Our busy schedules can often become an excuse to avoid self-care responsibilities. Yes – we are responsible for not only our jobs and regular daily activities, but our bodies and personal care as well. Sometimes we push ourselves to overachieve in our social lives, or in our career, but we often overlook that our bodies […]

Your Intima Cream: Win Back Your Body Confidence

What Makes Our Formula Unique Whether you’re new to personal care, or a dedicated self-care junkie, you’ve likely tried at least a handful of different feminine care brands to help clean and maintain your vaginal health. Washes, wipes, and sprays are some of the most popular personal hygiene items items available in the personal grooming […]