How to Care for Intimate Hair – Shaving Tips for the V

FIRST THINGS FIRST Let’s first address one important thing to know about shaving your pubic hair: there is not just one way to get rid of it. You can leave it as it is, leave some of it, go completely bare, or just trim it. No matter what you choose — your pubic hair is […]

How to Clean the V after Sex

Sex is a big part of intimate lives, however, its the steps that come after that can make you feel more comfortable and healthy after ‘doing it’. As as good as it feels during it, its just as important to take care of the mess that comes after it – a mix of fluids, sweat […]

How to use Your Intima for Optimal Results

Let’s get real ladies – intimate odors can be one of the most stressful and worrisome things we experience as women. We can sometimes find ourselves avoiding sex, getting too close to our partners, feeling ‘dirty’ during the day, or just generally feeling our best self.  While every woman should truly embrace their unique scent, […]

The V in the Heat

The summer months are upon us, which means it’s time to SWEAT. And we’re talking about sweat pretty much everywhere – forehead, armpits, upper lip, and of course, down there.Vaginal sweat is no joke. It’s uncomfortable, it’s sticky, it’s everything we don’t want to experience during the months where we show the most skin (and […]

Your Natural Odor Is Important

Your Intima Cream, our best-selling personal care treatment, is formulated with natural plant extracts, is entirely vegan, cruelty-free and pH balanced, with your V in mind. It is your best friend for protecting you from unexpected causes of odors such as sweat, tight fitting clothing, and discharge. One thing you should know is that your […]

Understanding Your Vaginal Health Based on Odor

Ever noticed if your V region smells different at times?  It can be concerning for some, but familiarizing yourself with the different scents can help you understand the root cause of where or why this odor is occurring. Vaginal scent is difficult to control without an overnight treatment or identifying an underlying cause of the […]