How to Take Better Care Down There: Don’t Use Alternatives

SOAP VS. REAL VAGINAL CARE Who among us hasn’t been guilty of using regular shampoo as a body or face wash? Ladies, when it comes to your intimate area there is no room for alternatives! Many women do not know that real vaginal care is intended to protect our unique bodily functions, not to disrupt […]

Approaching Personal Hygiene and Basic Tips To Know

We women should be commended for our openness and eagerness to exchange stories about our skin and hair routines, our tips and tricks to achieve the best self-care routine. We love staying up to date with all the newest, craziest trends – whether it’s putting eggs in our hair for a DIY hair mask treatment, […]

The Myrtle Plant: For Decor or For Skincare?

The Myrtle Plant comes from the diverse Myrtus Leaf family. There are about 700 species of Myrtle. This unique species loves sun and fresh air, but also grows well indoors. The Myrtle plant is used in many ancient and modern cultures. In some cultures, a vase with a Myrtle leaf was displayed on a window […]

The World’s Most Healing Plant, Echinacea

Turns out that if you’re suffering from a cold, fever, or even skin allergy – receiving a bouquet of flowers can be quite useful – and not just a nice gesture! Just make sure you’re receiving Echinacea flowers in order to make the most of this powerful plant, and receive all its healing benefits. Echinacea […]

What Actually Causes Sweat to Smell?

Undoubtedly, dealing with the smell of sweat is unpleasant. Once sweat starts to build up in the body, the bacteria needs a few hours to multiply in order to produce the smell we all try to avoid (a result of the development of the bacteria). Therefore, daily hygienic practices such as showering, changing damp clothes, […]