Jez V products are dedicated to protecting, nourishing and deodorizing your most delicate body region. We use natural, effective ingredients to provide you with the most luxury personal care experience.

Our focus is to heal and protect you with long-lasting results. We don’t just consider ‘surface level’ problems – we tend to hormonal imbalances and other bacteria that may be causing intimate discomfort and/or odor. We don’t just put a bandaid over the problem, we want your body to get back into its natural rhythm.

Your Intima Cream can be applied starting with the middle of the vulva. On clean, dry skin, and with clean hands, pump the cream 2-3 times into hands and wipe upward (towards the bellybutton). Repeat the same with the back of the intimate area. 

Your Intima Cream can be applied at anytime. However, for optimal results, apply the cream after showering and before bedtime. The cream will absorb directly into the skin and odors will be neutralized overnight.

No, it cannot be used as a lubricant.

No, the cream will not stain. However, some residue may be found on undergarmets if worn directly after applying. To avoid this, rub the cream as much as possible into the skin and/or wait 1 minute after applying the cream before dressing.

If applied every 3-5 days, 1 bottle of Your Intima Cream should last about 4 months.

Yes, our formula is natural and pH balanced, so it is safe to use if you have PCOS. It is also gynaecologist approved.

The cream will expire after 2 years.

We do not recommend using the cream during pregnancy.

You should not experience any itching or discomfort after applying Your Intima Cream. However, you might feel a very light tingling sensation after applying (especially if you have shaved the intimate hairs). This tingling sensation should only last several seconds. If any discomfort, pain or itching  continues, see your doctor immediately and do not continue using the product.

The cream is safe to use from ages 15 and up.

Yes – In fact, you can apply the cream to any razor bumps, razor burns, or ingrown hairs.  In addition, the cream may be used as an underarm deodorant.

The cream is intended for all women who struggle with any sort of intimate discomfort or odors. It is also ideal to be used during menstruation, post-menstruation, post-pregnancy, and menopause.

It is ideal to apply Your Intima Cream onto clean, dry skin. Optimal results occur when the cream can fully absorb into the skin. Therefore, we do not recommend applying the cream before intercourse. However, it is safe if the cream enters the vagina during intercourse. 

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