The Full Intima Set


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The Full Set is the ultimate self-care experience. It includes our best-selling items to keep you clean and balanced, while staying fresh on the go. Be prepared for any occasion, and feel your best for wherever your day may take you!


100% Vegan

Recyclable Packaging

pH Balanced


The Full Set is the ultimate personal care bundle. It cleanses, balances, and keeps you fresh on the go. 

Start by adding Your Intima Wash as a daily cleanser with your regular shower routine. Once the region is clean and dry, follow up by applying Your Intima Cream before going to bed. The cream works overnight and neutralizes odors by morning. The odors will stay neutralized for 3-5 days. The cream can also be applied to breakouts or ingrown hairs on the intimate skin. Lastly, pack Your Intima Wipes in your purse or pocket to keep with you wherever you go! For a midday boost, after the gym, or before getting intimate, wipe away unwanted odor-causing bacteria for an instant refreshment! 

The Full Set is the perfect trio to achieve the ultimate personal care experience.

3 reviews for The Full Intima Set

  1. Nicole

    The best bundle!

  2. Rivka Altonaga

    I had such a good experience with all of these items!

  3. Yael

    I love the products!!

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