Your Intima Cream


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Gynaecologically tested

Dermatologically tested

A one-of-a-kind feminine care treatment that deodorizes, protects, and soothes your V.

  • Results after the first use
  • Neutralizes and controls odors down there while protecting your V for 3-5 days (per application)
  • Helps prevent and/or heal ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and breakouts
  • Contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties
  • PH balanced
  • Active Ingredients
  • Formulated with natural plant extracts
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gynaecologist and dermatologist tested and approved
  • No aluminum
  • No SLS


100% Vegan

Recyclable Packaging

pH Balanced



Myrtus Leaf

Myrtus Leaf has powerful plant properties that are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and act like an astringent. It helps clean out infections and bacteria.


Achillea helps with relieving discomfort and itchiness, as it has powerful properties that improve the skin's suppleness.


The Echinacea Leaf has powerful properties that fights acne, has anti-inflammatory properties, repairs damaged cells, and fights bacteria.


A popular ingredient for skincare, Allantoin helps the skin absorb and lock in moisture while removing dead skin cells. It is useful for treating dry or flaky skin.


Your Intima Cream protects you when you need it the most; on a hot day, after the gym, during or after work, or during or post menstruation. It neutralizes and controls intimate odors for 3-5 days by removing odor-causing bacteria and keeping the ‘good bacteria’. It is made with all-natural plant extracts and ingredients that help to balance your pH levels. Your Intima Cream protects your intimate area and allows you to win back your body confidence!


1. Pump 2-3 times into hands and apply to clean, and dry skin.

2. Apply to the intimate region in an upward motion.

3. Repeat to the back of the target area. Rub into skin for faster absorption.


Your Intima Cream never interferes or interrupts your natural feminine flora.

It neutralizes the odors for 3-5 days, but varies for different bodies based on hormones and personal hygiene routines.


The cream was tested and approved under Gyneacologist and Dermatologist control. The formula was tested for its components and effectiveness over time.

Testing and surveys were conducted for a trial group of women between the ages of 18 to 65 years old.

The cream is safe to use for the intimate area.

The cream neutralizes odors for 3-5 days.

None of the women experienced an allergic reaction.

The cream is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


“It left my intimate area feeling fresh”
“It neutralized my intimate odors for 3-5 days”
“The product absorbed quickly and applied easily”
“It soothes my intimate skin”
“I intend on purchasing Your Intima Cream again.”


Your Intima Cream is a feminine hygiene treatment that deodorizes and neutralizes intimate odors for 3-5 days.

Your Intima Cream is uniquely formulated with gentle, natural plant extracts that help balance pH levels, neutralizes and controls odors for several days. The cream helps stop odor-causing bacterial growth that leaves a long-lasting neutralized scent.

While both Your Intima Cream and other deodorant sprays are intended for controlling odors, sprays can be quite disruptive as they tend to ‘mask’ the odors temporarily. Your Intima Cream works differently by rebalancing pH levels to neutralize the scent, and works harmoniously with your body’s natural feminine flora. Rather than spraying the intimate region for a temporary feeling of freshness, Your Intima Cream is (typically) applied overnight as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment. The results are long lasting and odors can be neutralized for up to 5 days.

For optimal results, it is best to apply Your Intima Cream before bedtime. The cream absorbs overnight, leaving odors neutralized by morning. The cream can also be applied after exercise or midday, however, results may vary.

Your Intima Cream is a seamless application, and can be applied once for long-lasting results.The intimate region should be clean and dry. Pump 2-3 times into clean hands. Apply to the target region and rub until absorbed or until the cream dissipates into the skin. Repeat to the back of the intimate region and apply in an upward motion.

Your Intima Cream is suitable for anyone with an active lifestyle, experience strong or musky intimate odors, experience non-medical discomfort or irritation, or menstruate.

No. The cream does not heal any sort of vaginal or internal infections. We recommend seeking a medical professional for all medically related concerns.

Yes! The cream is both Gyneocologically and Dermatologically tested and approved by a European Health Organization.

Yes! Our cream is certified safe for sensitive skin.

No, we do not recommend using the cream if you are pregnant.

2 reviews for Your Intima Cream

  1. Rivka Altonaga

    This cream is literally the best! It smells so good and works so well on your intima area.

  2. Alexis

    I have never tried a product like this before and it’s is honestly fantastic. At the beginning I thought that I was going to use to feel clean when I go hiking or camping, but I started using it more frequently because it really makes me feel fresh and smooth down there. I normally apply it every three days or so (normally on the days that I shave) to prevent my area from razor bumps to get infected and to stop the itching down there.

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