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We women should be commended for our openness and eagerness to exchange stories about our skin and hair routines, our tips and tricks to achieve the best self-care routine. We love staying up to date with all the newest, craziest trends – whether it’s putting eggs in our hair for a DIY hair mask treatment, or adding a Gua Sha into our skincare night routine. Unfortunately, we don’t have these open discussions when it comes to our personal hygiene, and for good reason! Personal hygiene, or feminine care truly is personal, so no wonder we hold back from oversharing information about our lady bits.

Despite having fewer conversations about it, maintaining good hygiene down there might be the most important type of personal care we do for our bodies. Personal care is not only to feel clean and fresh, but also to avoid any unpleasant discomfort and avoid infections.

Here are some basic rules for maintaining proper feminine hygiene: 1) It is recommended not to use gloves or sponges on the intimate area, as they can cause irritations and dryness very quickly, considering that this area of skin is the most delicate skin on the body. 2) Rinsing the intimate area with your hand and just water can be enough for basic hygiene practices and to avoid infections. That being said, it is recommended to wash the intimate areas at least once a day with warm water. 3) Avoid douching and ‘detoxing’ the vagina (the inside). The vagina is a self-cleaning oven, so no need to ‘wash’ our inside bits. 4) Try to wear mostly cotton underwear to let the area breathe. Synthetic materials prevent air circulation and leave the area suffocated and not breathing.

We want to highlight one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to washing our intimate regions. Is water enough? You can most definitely use just water to get the area ‘rinsed’ and achieve a basic level of clean. However, if you’re desiring a bit more of a boost to your lady bits, this is where JEZ V comes into play.

Our best-selling set, The Fresh Set, brings the best of both worlds and combines our two most essential items to bring freshness and protection to your region down south.

Your Intima Wash is the perfect first step to achieve cleanliness and freshness. It gently removes odor causing bacteria without interfering with essential bacterias. It’s not a make or break item, but for the women who crave the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation down there, Your Intima Wash is the solution to protecting your region, achieving that feeling of a fresh boost, and taking your hygiene routine up a notch! Wash your vulva with Your Intima Wash along with your regular hygiene routine. You can use it once or even twice a day!

Your Intima Cream is the second step in achieving the ultimate protection against odors caused by odor-causing bacteria. Once washed and patted dry after using Your Intima Wash, you can apply 2-3 pumps of Your Intima Cream onto clean skin. Be sure that the area does not get sweaty or wet, at least 3 hours after application. This is why we recommend using Your Intima Cream before bedtime! When it is applied to a clean surface, it actually prevents the bacteria from building back up. So when bacteria buildup is slowed down and stopped before it arises, intimate odors can be prevented for 3-5 days! Now THAT is a revolutionary product you never knew you needed.

Your Intima Cream is an intimate cream deodorant treatment containing powerful plant extracts, does not contain aluminum, and does not dry out the skin. The product is intended for external use only (the vulva and lips), does not clog pores, is ph-balanced, and never stains any undergarments or clothes after applied.

The Fresh Set is available now! Get the essentials for protection against odors and all-day freshness. It is available for $66.98 USD, an incredible value for both items!

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