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Your Intima Cream, our best-selling personal care treatment, is formulated with natural plant extracts, is entirely vegan, cruelty-free and pH balanced, with your V in mind. It is your best friend for protecting you from unexpected causes of odors such as sweat, tight fitting clothing, and discharge. One thing you should know is that your natural odor is not something you need to fight with, it’s something that is important to every female body. Women should not expect to smell like flowers 24/7 – we cannot control how our body respond to our daily activities, nor should we have to completely change our routine just to avoid odor-causing activities.

Instead of masking your natural vaginal smell, it’s best to use a treatment that works harmoniously with your natural feminine ecosystem. Using a treatment that is formulated specifically for the vagina, that works in sync with it to balance your hormones and neutralize the smell, is the key to achieving a healthy vagina, and avoid irritation.

Your Intima Cream is made with several natural plant extracts – Echinacea, Myrtus Leaf, Allantoin, and Achillea. The plant extracts contain anti-inflammatory, vaginal-friendly, pH balancing properties that avoid masking your natural intimate odors. Rather, these plant extracts neutralize odor-causing bacteria to help you achieve a more balanced vaginal acidity level and neutralize the scent.

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