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Turns out that if you’re suffering from a cold, fever, or even skin allergy – receiving a bouquet of flowers can be quite useful – and not just a nice gesture! Just make sure you’re receiving Echinacea flowers in order to make the most of this powerful plant, and receive all its healing benefits.

Echinacea has many exceptional properties, and gives us the ability to incorporate this unique plant extract into almost anything – from tea to nutritional supplements, even cosmetics. Echinacea can strengthen the immune system, even in small doses.

The Echinacea plant is most well-known all for its antiviral properties, which can stimulate the immune system.  It is especially useful during the fall and winter seasons, when our immune systems need additional support while adapting to the changing weather.

A little introduction to Echinacea:

Echinacea is a plant belonging to a complex family; originally the plant comes from North America, and it is divided into several varieties that are especially used in herbal medicine, starting from the leaves, but also from the roots and seeds. This plant contains polysaccharides (a molecular structure of sugar found in herbs) that provide anti-inflammatory and immune properties, capable of protecting against bacteria and viruses. As a result, is can help with common colds, flu and general viruses.

Before the invention of antibiotics, Echinacea was the main plant that treated various infections such as snake bites, rashes and more. Herbalists have noticed the inconceivable abilities of this plant, and described it as the ‘driver of the body fluids’. Today there are many studies examining the virtues of Echinacea and its contribution to the human body and overall health. Having discovered his huge contribution to the immune system, their description of Echinacea was not far from reality.

The benefits of Echinacea

The properties of this plant can be attributed to its antiviral functions, which strengthens the immune system and makes it beneficial against flu conditions, and therefore, prevents illnesses such as fevers, colds, coughs, and sore throats. Echinacea also boasts excellent anti-inflammatory properties and can also be beneficial in cases of cystitis and other infections that can be connected to the bladder or groin area.

Echinacea can be taken in the form of herbal teas, drops or supplements, but it can also be used for external use in creams and ointments for the skin, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and healing benefits, such as ulcers, sunburns and insect bites. One unique and safe way that Echinacea can also be used is for pregnant women and mothers, who can use it as an antidote to stretch marks and wrinkles.

Uses of Echinacea

In Herbal Form – Echinacea leaves can be commonly used for consumption, most popularly made as an immunity building tea.

Dietary Supplement Form – You can take Echinacea in a pill form that can be purchased at local Pharmacies or natural food stores to improve the general function of the immune system. When using dietary supplements, it is advisable to consult a doctor before combining other medications.

Cosmetic Use – When formulated for cosmetic use, Echinacea is able to successfully treat a targeted problematic region, such as a burn, rash, allergy or inflammation. Echinacea will speed up the healing process and help treat it with long lasting effects. Echinacea is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. The two important properties make it the ultimate plant for natural cosmetic formulations.

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