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Sex is a big part of intimate lives, however, its the steps that come after that can make you feel more comfortable and healthy after ‘doing it’. As as good as it feels during it, its just as important to take care of the mess that comes after it – a mix of fluids, sweat and lube can be a recipe for disaster. Taking care of your vagina after sex is important for long term vaginal health.

Most important step after sex is to PEE. Yes, urniating after sex is one of, if not THE MOST important thing to do right after sex. This prevents Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and also flushes out any unwanted bacteria. So after sex, try to sneak to the bathroom and pee.

Next step is to CLEANSE. A quick wash and rinse is key to achieving an instant feeling of freshness. A cleanser that is gentle and pH-balanced is important when choosing an intimate wash. Simply keep the wash in your shower or try a travel sized wash so you can keep yourself clean no matter who’s bed or room you end up in 😉

The last step, which requires clean, dry skin, is to apply a odor-eliminiating treatment that is pH-balanced, to help eliminate any bacteria buildup that may cause a post-sex odor. A treatment such as Your Intima Cream, is ideal to apply after sex and after cleansing the vulva. By applying the cream to clean, dry skin before bedtime, the cream neutralizes odors and rebalances the vagina’s ph levels. This is key to use in case any bacteria entered the vagina during sex, and ensures that any unwanted or unhealthy bacteria is removed.

Safe sex is amazing to enjoy, and we encourage it! But it is how we care for our vagina after sex which is the most important thing to do.

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