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Undoubtedly, dealing with the smell of sweat is unpleasant. Once sweat starts to build up in the body, the bacteria needs a few hours to multiply in order to produce the smell we all try to avoid (a result of the development of the bacteria). Therefore, daily hygienic practices such as showering, changing damp clothes, using deodorant or wipes to remove sweat from the skin can prevent the strong smell of sweat. Your Intima Cream is a revolutionary feminine hygiene product you can add to your daily hygiene routine that can be used to stop the spread of odor-causing bacteria.

Factors that affect the smell of sweat

Let’s be clear about one thing – sweat itself has no odor. In the sweat secreted from the eccrine glands, there are no proteins. Therefore, the bacteria cannot be broken down, so no smelly odor is produced. Overall, sweat is an odorless water that the body uses to cool it down (if you have a hard time believing this, you should smell a toddler sweating in the sun).

Unfortunately, the reality for adults is that sweat is completely different than a toddler’s sweat. During adolescence, the apocrine sweat glands are activated. They can be found in parts of the body covered by hair, including the armpits, the groin, and the head. Some are even present on the feet and palms. The sweat excreted from the apocrine glands has a milky texture, which contains protein, fat, and has a particular odor. This odor, as mentioned, is a result of bacteria that breaks down the proteins in apocrine sweat.

The odor created by apocrine sweat determines the “sexual scent” of each person. Surprisingly, this is one of humanity’s similarities to animals: the scent is meant to seduce a potential mate.

Every body is different. Some who can be considered lucky, can sweat excessively, and still will not suffer from an unpleasant odor, even without using any means to prevent sweating such as deodorant, personal care products, showering, etc. According to the American Chemical Society, these individuals lack the protein compounds which are necessary for bacteria to grow on their skin. Therefore, the bacteria without nutrients are too weak to multiply and no odor is caused. For example, 2% of Europeans and most people in China, Japan and Korea do not smell of sweat. Others are much less fortunate, with an odor occurring almost immediately after sweat appears. Bacteria is not always to blame. Oftentimes, other factors come into play, such as a particular diet or lifestyle, and even potential health concerns.

JEZ V has developed a revolutionary Intimate Deodorant Cream with a unique formula that stops the development of bacteria that causes odor in the groin area. So when sweat, secretions, moisture, or odors from menstruating develops in the intimate region, the odors can be prevented and slowed, before they begin.

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