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Not your average hygiene routine.

Skincare and beauty has taken a major ‘natural shift’ over the last decade where consumers expect brands to offer more natural and chemical-free products. The ‘intimate care’ or ‘personal beauty’ industry has gained a dramatic amount of momentum over the last few years. Self-care, personal-care, and personal-grooming has become a much more embraced concept, playing a large role among of womens’ daily lives. But when we started purchasing self-care products ourselves, we couldn’t find anything that not only looked cute in our bathroom, but we couldn’t find anything with a long-lasting effect either. 

Thus, JEZ V was born, with luxe at the forefront of our brand, and developed with an effective and long-lasting formula made just for the V. Your Intima products were developed to keep the V clean and protected to attend to the ongoing challenge of keeping the V feeling its best each and every day. The everyday struggle to find a personal care solution sparked the idea behind the full Your Intima collection.

Beginning with a wash, the vulva is gently cleaned, and all odor-causing bacteria is removed while balancing pH levels, and maintaining ‘good’ bacteria.

To maintain the cleanliness of the V, the cream is applied as the second step to control odors for 3-5 days. By applying the cream to clean and dry skin, the cream protects against any reoccuring bacteria buildup that is caused by sweat and discharge. It prevents bacterial overgrowth, which is how the odors are prevented for several days.

Your Intima Wipes are for ongoing daily maintenance – to clean the V and give women a pick-me-up as buildup during the day occurs.


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