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After a long, busy day, you’re ready to relax and unwind. But you find that your little lady area smells a bit different – maybe a little stronger or muskier than it did in the morning. Before you get worried, embarrassed, or frustrated – Just know that you, in all your amazing feminine glory, are experiencing something totally common! Whether you’ve just finished the gym, a day at work, on the time-of-the-month, or just running your usual errands, your intimate area is susceptible to bacteria buildup, causing your intimate area to smell a little….different

It’s best to know what causes these odors, and understand why and how they exist. Vaginal odor can be caused by many different factors. Not just running daily errands, but wearing clothing that is too tight (time to go cotton!), menstruating, having unprotected sex, failing to wipe properly after using the bathroom, are all possible contributors to that unique scent. Discharge or secretions that are not cleaned, or left on the intimate skin for too long, also creates a bacteria buildup contributing to a musky scent.

But your smell is part of your womanhood. There is no need to feel ashamed, but to understand that it is part of our natural feminine ecosystem. But like most women, we want to feel our best as often as we can, which usually has us desiring to smell our best as well. We should not have to compromise what we wear, our daily activities, getting intimate, or be ashamed of our bodies because of it.

This is why Your Intima Cream was developed. It’s designed with the female body (and confidence) in mind, and a common desire to treat a natural occurrence among women. It is the perfect end-of-day-treatment, and our best-selling product for protecting against odors. Formulated with Echinacea, Achillea, Myrtus, and Allantoin, it completely neutralizes odors for 3-5 days. Its light scent slowly dissipates overnight, and leaves the odor completely neutralized by morning. Not only does Your Intima Cream control odors, but it helps with irritation, discomfort, and soothes the intimate skin. It is versatile enough to be applied to the lips and surface of the vulva. Some call it a magic cream for the V! But overall, it is a must-have product to add to your self-care routine. No more sweating about smell! 

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