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Whether you are new to personal care, or you’re already a fanatic about feminine care products (and pretty much have your bathroom stocked with products), the most important thing each women should know is that their vagina is a self-cleaning machine. 


What does this mean exactly? Our vaginas have the power to clean themselves? So what’s with all this feminine care?


Vaginas are powerful, and they clean themselves 24/7 through vaginal discharge. Varying in thickness (depending on your time in your cycle), the discharge is what cleans out your vagina. So when you see your underwear with discharge remnants on it, it’s not to be feared, but something to be happy about! Your vagina is working well and is doing its job of keeping you clean.


But what’s important to know is what goes on around the vulva – the outside of the vagina. While it’s important our discharge leaves the body, if it sits too long on the vulva, then this is when the odor can be caused. 


That’s where a feminine wash and other hygienic products come into play! It is specified on all Jez V products that our feminine care products are intended for external application. In particular, Your Intima Wash is the key product for removing the bacteria buildup caused by the discharge after your vagina self-cleans. Adding the wash to your hygiene routine by using it every time you shower, it easily removes bacteria and odor caused by the discharge sitting for too long on the vulva or underwear.


There’s a few things to note about our feminine wash that sets us apart from other brands. First, we’ve included several plant extracts in our formula to provide you with the freshest feeling. The four key ingredients are Rice Bran Extract, Camomile, Aloe Vera, and Calendula. The wash is also completely pH balanced, so it honors your body’s natural feminine flora. It’s also formulated specifically for every day use. Which means you can use the wash once or twice a day, and it won’t strip or deplete your essential vaginal bacteria. 


So keep in mind of what your body self-cleans, and what products are intended for external cleansing. Your body does a lot on its own, but there’s not shame in having a little help to get your body feeling its best! 

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