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Our busy schedules can often become an excuse to avoid self-care responsibilities. Yes – we are responsible for not only our jobs and regular daily activities, but our bodies and personal care as well. Sometimes we push ourselves to overachieve in our social lives, or in our career, but we often overlook that our bodies are doing a majority of the hard work to help keep us going and give us the energy we need to tackle our busy days. Our intimate health and personal grooming falls way behind, but suffers the most on our most hectic days. Sweating, tight fitting clothing, and underwear worn all day long, are key causes of why our intimate places might feel ‘off’. You might start to smell strong odors coming from your feminine region, which can make us usually feel uncomfortable or insecure while we’re trying to get through our day.

We’re not going to try and convince you to stop drinking your beloved coffee, or drink 6 green juices a day. We want these tips to be as easy and realistic as possible. So here’s 3 easy steps to keep your V feeling fresh on your busiest days:

DRINK WATER (with timers!):

Drinking water or tea helps you ‘flush out’ bacteria from your vagina. Each time you urinate, you continue to clean out bacteria. Keep a water bottle with you at all times! But what helps us most at the Jez V office is to set ALARMS! Yes – we go that far to keep our bodies hydrated on busy days. We set timers about 3-4 times throughout the day to keep reminding us to DRINK! The more you drink, the more your vaginal flora can stay in check!


Have you ever noticed that maybe you’ve owned the same underwear for far too long? Time for an underwear RESET! If you’ve owned underwear long enough to forget when you bought them, its time for a new pair of panties. You don’t have to break the bank, but investing in some new pairs of undies is a great way to keep your vulva feeling fresh. Even if you’ve washed your underwear hundreds of times, it’s possible that they aren’t 100% clean! To make sure you’re keeping your intimate area as healthy and fresh as possible, new undies is a great place to start.


Jez V’s Your Intima Cream – this goes without saying that its the easiest way to keep your V feeling its best. A cream that does it all in one application – deodorizes, soothes and protects against sweat and odor. It truly can’t get much easier than that! Applied once every 3-5 days is all you need. Leave it on overnight, wake up with a completely neutralized scent, softer skin, and feeling protected from reoccuring odors. Need we say more? Click here to try Your Intima Cream and get back to feeling your best on your busiest days.

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