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Let’s get real ladies – intimate odors can be one of the most stressful and worrisome things we experience as women. We can sometimes find ourselves avoiding sex, getting too close to our partners, feeling ‘dirty’ during the day, or just generally feeling our best self. 

While every woman should truly embrace their unique scent, it can sometimes be difficult to ignore it. After exercising, even wearing tight-fitting clothing, getting lazy with our hygiene, the smell can be even more present.

While there are tons of personal care products promising ‘odor control’, such as a wash or spray, Your Intima Cream is unlike any other personal care product on the market. Uniquely formulated with high quality plant extracts as its key ingredients, it is a cream that performs similar to a deodorant and helps the skin like an oil. The cream neutralizes and controls odors, and simultaniously helps soothe the intimate skin.  

Your Intima Cream is a personal care treatment that only needs to be applied a few times during the week. After one application, odors can stay neutralized for up to 5 days. 

Your Intima Cream is simple to use. It can be used during the day when you’re needing an immediate feeling of freshness. However, Your Intima Cream works best as an overnight treatment, especially applied after showering on clean, dry skin. Whichever way you choose to apply or use it, Your Intima Cream will neutralize intimate odors for 3-5 days. The cream absorbs into the skin, and helps stop odor-causing bacteria buildup, ultimately preventing reoccurring odors. All that’s needed is a sparing amount, about 2-3 pumps of cream, and to be applied to the outside of the intimate area. 

If applied overnight, you will notice that the cream’s fragrance dissipates overnight, leaving a neutralized scent by morning.

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