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Who among us hasn’t been guilty of using regular shampoo as a body or face wash? Ladies, when it comes to your intimate area there is no room for alternatives!

Many women do not know that real vaginal care is intended to protect our unique bodily functions, not to disrupt it. Your body knows what’s best for you. But rather than fighting against our body’s natural ecosystems – provide it with support!


There is no doubt that in 2020, the awareness of intimate grooming and care-down-there has become a more embraced and welcomed practice. But many women are still unaware of the damage they could be doing to their region down south when they are not using products that are formulated for it.

The intimate area has a particularly delicate skin (the vulva, or also known as the outer region of the vagina) contains a unique level of acidity compared to  the rest of the body. This area has tissues that contain more fluid – its walls are full of blood vessels that allow direct transfer of substances into the bloodstream. The high acidity here helps fight infections and bacteria, so it’s important to protect its balance, and avoid disrupting the natural activity of this particular region.

What you may wonder is, if the body can function properly on its own, and the vagina is known to be self-cleaning, then why are there unpleasant odors?

Because of undergarments and clothing, the vulva is unexposed and left moist for most of the day. Bacteria can develop quickly because of the humidity and heat, which is where we run into our common insecurity of intimate odor. Many women report that particularly during the summer, menstruation or after exercise, the odor intensifies and causes them discomfort, worry, or feelings of insecurity.

So how can we help our body do the work?

We can turn to products such that are formulated specifically for intimate use that are developed with a suitable level of acidity, herbal properties, know how to protect the body and skin, and will support the body in its fight against the ‘bad’ bacteria while protecting ‘good’ bacteria.

For many women, there was a desperate search for personal care products that provided long lasting results, and didn’t just ‘mask’ smells or discomfort for a temporary feeling of relief.

Why choose JEZ V for your personal care?

JEZ V developed products that worked in harmony with the body, protecting against unwanted bacteria, while providing long lasting results. JEZ V’s best-selling Intimate Deodorant Cream, Your Intima Cream, neutralizes and controls the development of bacteria in the area, leaving the vulva feeling clean and fresh. Its lightly fragranced formula  fades after a few hours, so it successfully avoids clogging the delicate pores when absorbed into the intimate skin. It ultimately leaves a result that lasts for several days. Your Intima Cream is formulated with natural extracts such as Echinacea, Myrtus Leaf, Achillea and Allantoin. Its revolutionary formula has achieved a winning combination of unique plants extracts, each containing beneficial medicinal properties.

Using plant extracts for their benefits

Echinacea has been recognized since 1200 BC as a remarkable medicinal herb with powerful antiseptic properties that can help rebuild tissue and resist infections. Achillea is considered to be one of the most effective plants in nature with its many healing properties, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Myrtus Leaf possesses natural antibiotics that offer an advantage on drugs due to the lack of side effects, and does not disrupt the body’s natural bacteria (unlike antibiotics that can destroy necessary and healthy bacteria). It is also able to eliminate bacteria that can be concentrated in a particular area, and can even be used to even skin irritation for newborns.

JEZ V believes that nature provides the best medicine, and we should do all we can to take advantage of plant benefits. Our products are not only made with high quality plant extracts, but all our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and made with recycled packaging. Your Intima Cream is the most revolutionary feminine care product that offers a unique approach to working in harmony with the body, along with focusing on prevention as a way to achieve long-lasting results.

The Best Option?

With the increasing demand for intimate grooming and care, JEZ V introduced The Full Set – which includes our best-selling Your Intima Cream, as well as Your Intima Wash, Your Intima Wipes, so you can get the full self-care experience and elevate your personal care routine to a new level of luxury.

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