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What Makes Our Formula Unique

Whether you’re new to personal care, or a dedicated self-care junkie, you’ve likely tried at least a handful of different feminine care brands to help clean and maintain your vaginal health. Washes, wipes, and sprays are some of the most popular personal hygiene items items available in the personal grooming market.

Your Intima Cream is unlike any other personal care product. Uniquely formulated as a cream treatment, with high quality plant extracts as its key ingredients, it is a personal care treatment that performs similar to an oil and a deodorant, combined into one convenient and highly effective product. It soothes the skin while neutralizing intimate odors.

Your Intima Cream was created to help women win back their body confidence. We believe that no woman should be stopped from engaging in their regular daily activities because of a natural occurrence within their body (such as smell caused by sweat and/or discharge).

Our V needs to be treated with the utmost care. The products we put ON our body get soaked INTO our body. What our V needs is ingredients that are not only effective, but are gentle and natural.

Your Intima Cream is Gynaecologist and Dermatologist tested and approved, and certified safe for sensitive skin.

Our formulas are made with natural ingredients such as plant and flower extracts. The extracts help fight against odor-causing bacterial buildup – hense why our cream is so effective and lasts for days!

Here is the breakdown of 4 KEY INGREDIENTS that make our formula so special and effective:


The benefits of echinacea are endless. Used as a topical and internal medicine, echinacea is a highly versatile plant for healing. Its earlier uses were for internal healing, such as treating wounds and infections. Echinacea is one of our most sacred ingredients for its powerful ability to treat the body internally and externally. We use it in our formulas to balance hormones and heal the skin.


Myrtus leaf has powerful plant properties that are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and act like an astringent. It helps clean out infections and bacteria, and has a large amount of salicylic acid (commonly used to get rid of pimples). Its high acid levels also help get rid of bad bacteria and mucus. This key ingredient focuses on healing ingrowns, razor bumps, and razor burns.


Allantoin is a leading ingredient for focusing on the external skin, cell turnover, and protection. Allantoin has a variety of skin benefits, such as healing rashes, cures inflammations, increases skin suppleness and hydration, and treats wounds. This powerful ingredient relaxes irritated or dry skin, tends to ingrown hairs and/or zits.


This highly restorative and effective ingredient also treats the skin, but includes pain relieving properties as well as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits. Known for healing broken capillaries, it rebuilds the skin to create a fresh, healed layer.

While each key ingredient we’ve included performs similarly, their level of effectiveness increases once formulated together. We’ve created the most beautiful, gentle, yet effective blend of intimate care to provide you with the most luxurious personal care experience.

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