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The summer months are upon us, which means it’s time to SWEAT. And we’re talking about sweat pretty much everywhere – forehead, armpits, upper lip, and of course, down there.
Vaginal sweat is no joke. It’s uncomfortable, it’s sticky, it’s everything we don’t want to experience during the months where we show the most skin (and wearing the least amount of clothing)…
Think of all the miniskirts, the dresses, all exposing your feminine region, and you’re sweating in the hot sun. We are most definitely grateful for the awesome breeze we get down there by wearing these flowy, airy articles of clothing. However, what about that particular scent you smell when that breeze gets beneath your skirt…Once you recognize that scent, it’s hard to ignore (and probably causes you to sweat even more).

So let’s talk about vaginal odor when it comes to summertime. Nothing to be ashamed of, but is definitely something that many women struggle with. How can we help? Let’s talk about some tips and tricks, and Jez V products that will help you through the sweat and heat.

1. TIP #1
Change Underwear!
One of the best ways to avoid bacteria buildup caused by sweat and discharge is to keep the vaginal region CLEAN and DRY. This will require you to change your underwear about 2 times per day.

2. TIP #2
Take off your bathing suit!
No, we don’t mean to go nude. We just mean that it’s important to remove your bottoms once you’re out of the water, or as soon as you get home from the beach. Prolonging to wear your wet bathing suit can cause infection and discomfort. Especially with chlorine, it’s important that you either rinse or fully wash your body as soon as you possibly can. Wearing a wet bathing suit will increase bacteria buildup that can cause infection and contribute to vaginal odors occurring.

3. TIP #3
Drink water!
Flush out those toxins and stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day not only helps you stay hydrated, but every time you visit the bathroom, you flush out any toxins that contribute to getting rid of that bacteria buildup.

4. TIP #4
Stick to a vaginal treatment that works for you. Whether that be a daily wash or an overnight treatment, consistency is key. 

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